10 Dimensions of Church Life


Our Doctrine Translated into Church Life

We are Christians. Passionate, God-centered, Christ-preaching, Bible-saturated, joy-seeking, prayer-fueled, gospel-shaped, church-loving, leadership-developing, disciple-making, diversity-embracing, missional-living, missions-mobilizing, justice-pursuing, broken-hearted, happy followers of the omnipotent, crucified and risen Christ.

10 Dimensions of Church Life

Our mission and affirmation of faith conspire to create activities in the life of each local church that is marked by no less than the following ten dimensions of church life:

  1. Worship: Enjoying and displaying the worth of Christ in God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-led, Bible-saturated corporate worship, including congregational singing and expository exultation.

  2. Prayer: Commitment to depend on God’s grace and mercy in personal, family, and corporate prayer, so that in all our blessings the Giver will get the glory.

  3. Education: Personal efforts to grow and help each other grow in biblical truth, wisdom, faith, and love, which show Christ as our supreme treasure.

  4. Mutual Care: Corporate commitment to pursue a life together in sacrificial, faith-sustaining care for each other in loving relationships at every level of youth and age, joy and sorrow, comfort and crisis, health and brokenness.

  5. Witness: Personal and corporate strategies of wartime living, courageous witness, and social action to show the supreme value of Christ to fallen people and fallen culture.

  6. Ethnic Harmony: Intentional efforts to display love across ethnic and cultural lines and to be a church that models the fruit of that love.

  7. Compassion: Personal and corporate expressions of compassion to relieve human suffering, near and far, by means of short-term intervention and long-term personal and structural change, in order to show the justice, mercy, and soul-satisfying beauty of Christ—forever.

  8. Missions: Corporate efforts in cross-cultural missions for the sake of the name of Christ among unreached peoples.

  9. Leadership: Humble submission to spiritual, biblically-qualified elders who lead by example, not dominion, and with joy, not under compulsion, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, including aggressive efforts to multiply congregational leaders.

  10. Legacy: The commitment of church and parents to train up succeeding generations of children and youth who live the vision of the church.