Memphis Briefing Update by Jordan Thomas

On Thursday, March 1, Kenny Stokes from Bethlehem Baptist gathered with 15 Memphis-area pastors to unfold the vision for the TCT Church Planting Network.

The time in the Word and prayer was rich, and the fellowship was sweet. It was reminiscent of the blessing I’ve enjoyed numerous times when gathering with the other network pastors. Already, a number of the brothers who joined us for the Briefing have expressed a desire to explore the potential of their churches being grafted into this kind of Christ Treasuring network.

For the foreseeable future, our plan will be to meet regularly to walk through the TCT Affirmation Faith (aka, BBC Elder Affirmation of Faith) one article at a time. Each gathering, we will assign a different pastor to bring an exhortation on a particular article in the Affirmation, after which we will spend time discussing and praying accordingly.

Building and strengthening this kind of solid Word-saturated theological kinship between pastors and congregations in our immediate context presents itself to me as an immensely encouraging prospect. If we are agreed on these foundational truths, the road will be paved for official network partnerships. Add to that the intense times of intercession we will share praying for each other, our congregations, the city of Memphis, and the nations arouses unspeakable joy in my soul.

Only the Lord knows what kind of impact a dozen or so churches (for now!) in Memphis–radically committed to a biblical vision of God, His gospel, and responsible pastoral soul-care–could develop into (near and far) over the next 40 or so years.

I’m eager to find out!

Your brother, in Christ, John 3:30

Jordan Thomas, Grace Church


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