New Church Update: Public Launch of Christ Redeemer, Woodbury, MN

Christ Redeemer Church held its public launch service last Sunday, March 25.

The Lord was gracious in bringing over 230 people to attend, and everything planned for the morning came together without a hitch.Pastor Brett Louis preached a great gospel message during the launch, “The Cosmic Story,” so we’re praying that the Lord will protect and water the seed.

The public launch service came at the end of a two-week effort to get the word out through door-knocking in surrounding neighborhoods, personal invitations, and local newspaper articles. The church will keep up with large-scale promotion this week through phone calls to homes in the Woodbury, MN area. In just two days of calling so far over, 50 people have already responded asking for more information. It’s an exciting season of ministry for Christ Redeemer.

You can read the article about Christ Redeemer in the Star Tribune here.

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