Delighting in the Living and Abiding Word

“…since you have been born again… through the living and abiding word of God.”
—1 Peter 1:23

In his New Year’s sermon, Pastor Charlie Handren calls for us to put the Word of God at center stage in our lives so that the Word will dominate our lives. He draws on four exhortations from 1 Peter 1:13-25 to issue this call:

  1. Prepare your minds for action.
  2. Be sober-minded—think clearly about the things of God.
  3. Set your hope fully on the grace of God to be revealed at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
  4. Conform your behavior to the holiness of God rather than the patterns of this world.

We not left, however, with these exhortations or lofty goal of keeping the Word central. Handren provides six essential, practical habits that will help us work towards that call and heed Peter’s exhortations:

  1. Hear the Word of God preached to build your faith.
  2. Read the Word of God to gain an ever-broadening vision of the counsel of God.
  3. Memorize the Word of God to renew your mind.
  4. Study the Word of God to gain an ever-deepening vision of the counsel of God.
  5. Meditate on the Word of God to gain insight into the meaning and application of the counsel of God.
  6. Teach the Word of God to spread the glory of the counsel of God—be a river rather than a reservoir.

Listen to the full sermon here.

Charlie Handren is the Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Glory of Christ Fellowship, a founding partner in the Network, located in Elk River, MN.

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