“Destroying the Dividing Wall” – God’s Grace Through Jubilee Community Church – by Kevin McClure

Jesus “The Wrecking Man”

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he gave a mighty sledgehammer blow to the dividing wall of hostility between ethnic peoples – whether Jew or Gentile or Black or White or Native American or Hispanic or Asian (Eph 2:14). In one swing, He brought them together and reconciled them to God. But He didn’t stop there. The Church began only a few chapters later, and ever since her fiery inception in Acts 2 one of her missions has been to keep the wall down.

Fast forward a couple thousand years later to urban Minneapolis, just south of downtown, where a church plant is seeking to continue this mission in a neighborhood thick with diversity. The elders of Jubilee Community Church have a vision for seeing a congregation whose shining faces reflect every shade of skin color as a testament to the watching universe of how wise their glorious God is (Eph 3:10). Their desire is to raise up ethnic leaders who will serve as elders, plant, and otherwise lead churches in an increasingly diverse and hostile culture.

God ordains the ends and the means, and one of the means of accomplishing this dream is called the Jubilee Urban Leadership Project (JULP). This year-long internship seeks to equip men to make disciples through crossing cultures, doing deeds of mercy, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These men are invited into elder meetings, weekly discipleship, and practical leadership training, all for the sake of seeing Christ magnified in the city and beyond. Whether they work at the mercy and development ministry of Jericho Road, whether they help out at the after school youth outreach called “SAY Yes!,” or whether they lead one of the church’s missional life groups, each intern has a ministry focus that equips them to shepherd. God is working steadily and surely; the first set of interns are graduating, and the next batch are on the horizon.

Would you pray with us for God to raise up more ethnic leaders for the sake of God’s glory in Minneapolis, and beyond? Reaching a city for Jesus is an overwhelming task, but we do not despise the day of small beginnings. By grace we will work, pray, labor, and make disciples – one, by one, by one, by one – until Jesus “The Wrecking Man” comes again. When He comes, our mission will be complete, and every tribe and language and people and nation will sing in glory of that great day when Jesus made the wall fall down.


By Kevin McClure

Pastoral Intern, Jubilee Community Church