Fear or Faith? – by Allan Joseph

This post originally appeared on All Nations Christian Fellowship’s website.  Allan Joseph is the Pastor for Preaching and Vision at All Nations Christian Fellowship.

Fear or Faith?

Are you motivated by fear or faith?  In Mark 5:36 Jesus pitted the two against each other when He said to Jairus, “Do not fear, only believe.”  Jairus had come to Jesus asking that He might heal his daughter who was at the point of death (v 23).  Before Jesus could respond, some from Jairus’ his household came and reported that she had died and was now beyond the point of rescue (v 35).  It was at that point that Jesus replied, “Do not fear, only believe.”Fear could have kept Jairus from ever coming to Jesus – fear that it would hurt him even more if things didn’t turn out the way he hoped, fear that he would make a fool of himself, fear that he wouldn’t find Jesus in time, or fear that when he did find Jesus He wouldn’t be able or willing to help.  Once he received the report from his household that his daughter had died, fear again could have turned him back and kept him from trusting in Jesus.Every day we are faced with the same temptation and choice – fear or faith?  Will we allow fear of failure, fear of rejection by men, fear of discomfort, fear of pain, fear of loss, and fear of the unknown guide us?  Or will we believe in Jesus? (cf. John 14:1)  Will we be led by fear or faith?Let us test our thoughts and motives.  With each moment and decision ask yourself before God, Am I doing this because I have faith in Jesus and I fear God or because I’m afraid of something else?  What is motivating you, fear or faith?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

By Allan Joseph