God’s Glory Gone Public – An update from the Feb. TCTN Regional Gathering — by Adam Mostert

Adam Mostert is an intern for church planting at Treasuring Christ Together Network. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two children.

God’s Glory Gone Public – An update from the Feb. TCTN Regional Gathering

On February 11, 2015, the Twin Cities Regional Connection met at The Heights Church in Saint Paul, MN. Attenders included TCTN church planters from in and around the Twin Cities region, college and seminary students, local pastors, and a member from a local church from one of the TCT churches. All of them have a desire to see healthy God-honoring churches planted throughout the country.


The meeting began with a devotional from 1 Peter by the hosting planter, Weyland Leach (pictured here). We considered the truth that Christians are exiles in the world. Since we are exiles our faith collides with the culture around us. Exiles have a different mindset than the culture that surrounds them. For example, the Christian exile knows that God is a public God. The culture wants us to keep our faith private. But a private God, a God who keeps to himself, is not the God we know and behold in Scripture and creation around us (Ps. 19; Rom. 1:19-20). We speak publicly because God has spoken publicly. He does not remain private but openly reveals himself in Christ to the world (John 1:9-18). Looking at creation and Scripture, we gaze upon the God who makes himself publicly known in Jesus Christ desiring his glory to go public all across the globe (Isa. 11:9; Matt. 28:18-20). How can we be silent or keep our faith to ourselves? We cannot keep silent if we are seeing and savoring the public God of the Bible. We are compelled to publicly declare our faith because of who God is public and continues to make himself known across the globe.

I am thankful for the Twin Cities Regional Connection because it brings together a band of brothers who love to make the name of Jesus Christ public. When asked why new Church plants reach the lost more effectively than older, more established churches, Pastor Jason Meyer says, “Just go spend time with church planters!” He’s right. Church planters want to make the gospel public, especially to the lost. That is their calling, to evangelize, make disciples, and establish new churches that publicly declare the glory of Jesus Christ. And the reason these planters want to make the glory of Christ public is due to the fact that God makes the glory of his Son public. These men are thoroughly biblical and desire earnestly to be faithful to the text of Scripture that shows us God who makes his glory public and desires his sons and daughters to be like him.

The devotional and worship time was followed by an update of the national network. Pastor Kenny explained the plan to nominate an interim executive director to lead the national TCT network as it matures and grows in effectiveness. We also had exciting news that the TCTN “Planters and Wives” retreat will be in San Diego again in October 2015. This will be a time for planters and wives to get refreshed and deepen relationships within the network

Pastor Jason Meyer shared a bold vision for a renewed effort in church planting at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He is asking God to send many new church plants out from Bethlehem envisioning that the upcoming decade will be “the decade of church planting at Bethlehem.” Part of this vision entails the Jumpstart Program, which seeks to bring new life into dying churches.

We prayed for one another, for the work of the ministry being done throughout these churches, and for future church plants and jumpstarts that God would bring about through the efforts of the TCT network.

Please pray for these gatherings and those churches that are a part of it. The next Twin Cities Regional meeting will be at Jubilee Community Church on March 11.

By Adam Mostert