Church Planting Residency

The Treasuring Christ Together Church Planting Residency is our effort to provide the necessary training and preparation that will equip you to be a healthy, prepared church planter for the long haul. So to partner with us in planting, apply to the residency and contact the regional network leader in your region.

Here are the highlights of the residency:

  • Qualifications: Residency applicants must embrace our mission & visionvaluesdoctrine, and dimensions of church life, have completed their formal theological training (M.Div. or equivalent), and feel called to plant through one of our existing regional networks.
  • Content: At the beginning of each residency, the resident works with his residency supervisor in establishing a learning contract that is tailored to the needs and experiences of each resident. The residency entails supervised ministry, weekend seminars, seminary classes, mentoring relationships, conferences, assessments, and evaluations.
  • Timing: A residency is generally one year, but not limited to that time, at the discretion of the parent church.
  • Support: Depending on the parent church, the financial assistance varies. Each resident is responsible to at lease a portion of their financial support. Residents are responsible for their own health insurance.

While we work carefully to assess applicants and equip residents, completion of the residency does not guarantee being affirmed as a network church planter. Final evaluation and approval is made by the elders of the host church in partnership with TCT leadership upon completion of the residency.

To apply, complete the following online application and reference forms (each applicant needs to submit 1 pastoral and 2 personal references).

Check with the regional network leaders for application deadlines.