New Church Community

Whether you are a church plant or an established church, we want to partner with you. We are in process of formalizing what that partnership would look like and how it would be established.

In the meantime, there are four things you can do to begin working with us to accomplish our mission:

  1. Talk With Us: Get in contact with the regional network leader in your region.
  2. Meet With Us: Attend an upcoming regional meeting in your area. Your region’s network leader can help get you connected.
  3. Coach With Us: At this point, we really need coaches for our planters. Consider becoming a TCT Coach.
  4. Give With Us: Like any organization, we need funding in order to expand our impact. Consider partnering with us financiallywith either a one-time or ongoing gift.

Also, as we continue to process how we can best partner together, you can see below what our current churches commit to.

Treasuring Christ Together Network Church Covenant

Whereas, our pastor has been approved by the Treasuring Christ Together Network (TCTN), and whereas, we the governing elder board of our local church desire partnership with TCTN, we therefore, gladly express our commitment to these defining covenant affirmations:

1. We joyfully embrace the TCTN vision as explained in the document detailing vision, values and strategies

2. We joyfully embrace the TCTN Affirmation of Faith (also called the “Bethlehem Baptist Church Elder Affirmation of Faith”) as expressive of our biblical and theological convictions.

3. We joyfully commit to active engagement:

a) We will send representative leaders to scheduled network gatherings and engage in relationships of mutual encouragement, accountability, coaching and leadership development.

b) We will aim to recruit, identify and develop potential church planters and leaders for the church planting network.

c) We will donate no less than 10% (a tithe) of our regular church offerings to fund the global work of church planting. Of that 10%, we will invest no less than 1% to the TCTN in order to support national network activities such as training, ministry visits, ministry to planters and wives and ongoing network development. This means, for example, a church with a $200,000 annual budget is expected to donate no less 9%, or $18,000, to global church planting work in general and contribute 1%, or $2,000, annually to TCTN.

4. We will give priority funding consideration to TCTN approved church planters while taking into consideration our local church outreach and missions commitments globally.

5. We acknowledge that our own local church elders will oversee the outworking of our relationship with the TCTN on an ongoing basis.

6. We will notify our church congregation of our partnership in the TCTN, and if appropriate, seek endorsement of this partnership. We will aim to appropriately communicate TCTN updates to inform our church of church planting and network updates.

7. Upon termination of this partnership with TCTN for any reason, we resolve to part company on the best possible terms, guided by biblical peacemaking principles and engaging in actions such as mediation and arbitration as needed to resolve differences, reconcile believers, and part on good terms, lest we bring reproach upon the name of Christ.