Jubilee to Hold 9Marks Workshop on August 10

Jubilee Community Church in Minneapolis is hosting a 9Marks workshop for local pastors and church leaders on August 10, 2013.  I asked Toph Majors, Director for Operations at Jubilee, a few questions regarding the event.  If you are interested in attending, you can sign up here.  The speakers will be 9Marks Director Ryan Townsend and pastor/ rapper Trip Lee.

1.  What is the 9Marks Workshop all about?

This event is about the need for more healthy churches who have a plurality of male elders who shepherd one another, make discipleship a part of the DNA of their church, and encourage meaningful membership through necessitating a community to be in covenant with one another.

2.  What do you hope people will have gotten after leaving the workshop?

Our goal is to encourage elders (lay and vocational) to embrace the need to shepherd the souls of their flock, to be disciple-makers, and to move toward a meaningful membership model.

3.  What was the impetus for having this event?  Is there a specific need in this area that this event will help to meet?

We are hoping to help churches of all cultures in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to embrace what it means to be a biblical, God-centered, and healthy church.

4.  Any specific areas of the event that you are excited about?

We are excited to be hosting a 9Marks event that we pray will be as beneficial to those who come as was the 9Marks conference we attended as a church staff a few months ago at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.   We are also excited that Trip Lee will be helping teach the workshop since we are trying to include those who minister in a more urban context.

Posted by JD Hettema