Missions (feat. Frontline Experience Conference Minneapolis)


The member churches of Treasuring Christ Together Network value and pursue cross-cultural missions. We believe the Gospel must be taken to all nations, and we engage this practically through corporate efforts of sending and going for the sake of the name of Christ among unreached peoples.

Today’s post features an upcoming training conference in Minneapolis being hosted on the campus of TCT Member Bethlehem Baptist Church.

BBC will be hosting the Frontline Experience (FX) conference October 13-15, 2016.

What is it? FX conferences help answer some key questions like: How will the billions of people without access to the Gospel be reached? Why should I go? How do I get there? Sessions are taught by experienced pioneer missionaries, authors, educators, and advocates. 

Who is it for? Those exploring ways to serve Christ in restricted-access countries, and local churches that are serious about addressing the Unfinished Task of taking the Gospel to people who have yet to hear.

Do you attend a TCT Member Church? Contact the network to receive a 20% discount promo code for registration. Or you may access a 30% discount if your church or group will include 10 or more individuals.

To view the speakers, learn more, or register, click here

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