News from the August 14th Twin Cities Regional Gathering – by JD Hettema

Fifteen pastors and church leaders gathered at Bethlehem Baptist Church this past Wednesday as part of the Treasuring Christ Together Network’s Twin Cities Regional Gathering.  John Erickson and Jeff Noyed from Jubilee Church in Minneapolis provided training in mercy ministries.  After the event, the pastors were asked by TCTN Leadership to give their input to a collaborative vision for the year.  The questionnaire included five categories, which were as follows:

  1. How can the network meetings be improved?
  2. How can the coaching meetings be improved?
  3. How can the service to network members be improved?
  4. How can network components be improved?
  5. How can the network administration be improved?

This effort is part of the TCTN Twin Cities Regional Leadership’s plan to bring in counsel from local churches in their on-going process to improve the network.  May the Lord bless the ministry of TCTN as they unite and spur on the churches in the area!

Here are some prayer requests for the year:

  • Pray that TCTN will hear God’s calling for us as an organization this year.  There are many things we can be doing, but we want the Lord’s perfect will.
  • Pray for the resources (both people and finances) to see churches planted all over the United States in the next few years.
  • Pray that the Twin Cities will provide a helpful and meaningful ministry to the churches in the area.

By JD Hettema