On the Gospel of John – by Tim Cain

Tim Cain is the senior pastor of Kaleo Church in San Diego, a TCT network church.  This post originally appeared on Kaleo’s website as a preparation for a sermon series through the book of John.  Pastor Cain’s insights into the book of John are helpful to us all, whether we attend Kaleo or not.

The Gospel of John

The first book I ever taught through was the book of John in a Bible study back in 2001.  Since that time it has been one of my dreams to preach a series on the book of John.  I love this book.  Its difficult to explain how deeply this book has impacted my life.  The reason that John wrote this book is “So that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you might have life in his name.”  This book is about Jesus and about the life that is available to all who would put their faith in Him.

This book is written so that those who have never heard or believed in Jesus might truly encounter him and be moved to faith.  And this book is written so that those who have served and loved Jesus for years might encounter him even more fully and be moved to trust in him more completely. THIS BOOK IS FOR ALL OF US!…  Simple enough for a child to understand and yet deep enough to give your whole life to meditating on.   This book is written so that you may encounter Jesus.  John puts before his readers a massive Jesus, a Jesus that is so big and so worthy that when we see him the temporary things of this world that so often enamor and control us begin to fade away.

This book is written so that you might see Jesus and believe.  It is written to inspire faith in all of us.  Do you remember what Kierkegaard said about Abraham.  Imagining himself speaking to Abraham he says, “I will never forget that you needed 100 years to get the son of your old age against all expectancy, that you had to draw the knife before you kept Isaac; I will never forget that in 130 years you got no further than faith.”   My friends in this life we will get no further than faith.  Oh that you and I would see our desperate need and that we might look to Jesus as our only hope.  In all of our lives we will get no further than faith.  In all our lives we will never move beyond being a desperately weak people who need Jesus.  Hebrews 11 teaches us that “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  Faith is not merely the way we enter the Christian life, faith is the road we travel until we see our precious Savior face to face. And so we need this book.  Our prayer will always be “Oh Lord we believe, help us with our unbelief.”  Help us to trust you more.  Free us from our anxiety, our fears, our doubts, our pride, our frustration, free us from our slavery to the passing things of this world and set our hearts on you.  That is why John wrote this Gospel.  This Gospel is written so that you might come to see that Jesus is bigger and better and more worthy than anything that this world has ever offered.

By Tim Cain