Our Creator God is Awesome

In the beginning, God created…”
— Genesis 1:1

In preparation for a recent sermon, I wanted to see how other biblical authors saw the meaning and the impact of Genesis 1-2. So I sought to look at most every Old Testament text where God is talked about as the one who created/made the heavens and the earth.

What I found was so encouraging for my heart as I grew to love God’s greatness more, his power more, his safety more, his grace more and his love more. The study helped me love Him and so I decided to share some of the findings. I pray you are encouraged.

The general idea of God as Creator of the heavens and the earth is it…

  • Shows off His supremacy and keeps us humble.
  • Warns us against materialism.
  • Encourages faith for the doubting heart.
  • Reveals the source and the path of justice.
  • Highlights grace.

So as we read Genesis 1-2, we are to take our cues from the biblical authors’ interpretation and look for God, his work, his actions, his focus, and his comments on why he did what he did. The creation account is meant to evoke awe of God, a holy sense of helplessness that we can’t do what he has done and a holy sense of action that loves others while giving him the glory for all creative and justice-advancing works on our planet.

We are not looking to prove or defend science. We are looking for God. And when we look for him not only in Genesis 1-2 but throughout the Scriptures, we will see his radiance in Jesus, who holds all things together and by whose death sinners are justified and given hope in the recreation of all things.

This post is an excerpt from the sermon “Praise God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth”.

Sean Cordell is Pastor for Preaching and Mercy Ministries at Treasuring Christ Church, a founding partner in the Network, located in Raleigh, NC.

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