TCTN-Memphis Exploratory Gathering

On Thursday, April 26, Jordan Thomas will lead the developing TCTN-Memphis gathering in working through the TCTN Affirmation of Faith, looking at the doctrine of Scripture.

The main objective behind this first of many gatherings is to try to discern if more intentional partnership could/should be shared between participating churches in the Memphis area. To get to that point of discernment, the meetings will be arranged to go to the root of our core convictions, and rising from them, to practice sharpening one another to live more consistently with God’s truth.

Attending these gatherings commits you to nothing. We will let the TCTN “gestation” process be slow and intentional and see what God does. The main focus for now is simply to worship and to serve the brothers in the Memphis area and be served by them.

If you’re interested in attending, contact Jordan Thomas. The gathering will be held at Republic Coffee from 10-11:30am.

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