The Fruit of Fasting

Treasuring Christ Church (TCC) was a TCTN church plant in 2005 in Raleigh, NC.  In 2012, the church began to fast regularly as a body.  Here is just a small sample of the fruit that God gave from seeking Him in this way.  Their next fast as a church is on April 16th.

This post originally appeared on TCC’s website.


As a church, we have been designating a day a month in August, September and October to pray and fast for the pulsing of mission in our relationships, community groups and times of corporate worship.  Hearts have been stirred up by the moving of the Spirt in these times.  For the joy of the TCC body, we want to share some of these on the blog.  If you have seen the Lord working in a particularly encouraging way as you pray & fast, please send your story to Jessica:  For now, be uplifted by these accounts from brothers and sisters at TCC:

“The night before the day we fasted one of my best friends from college called me and asked me to please pray for her brother  who is in his late twenties and has had a difficult time battling manic depression. He left home that morning to head to work but actually never made it to work and late that night had still not returned home and was not reachable.  They really feared that he might have ended his life because he had mentioned several times that he just couldn’t deal with the stress of life.  I went to bed feeling incredibly heavy and truly fearful for my friend and her family as they feared the worst.  How could they endure such tragedy?  After falling asleep, I awoke at 4 am.  I sensed such a thick presence of the Holy Spirit, and it was as if he whispered to me, ‘Stephen is perfectly safe.  I am listening and will protect him.’  Do you know that the next morning I called my friend to tell her that, and she told me in astonishment that at exactly 4 am Raleigh time, Stephen walked through the front door of his parents’ home?  Isn’t that amazing?  He was a mess, but he was safely home.  Then, in God’s precious timing, he had ordained for me to fast and pray for those in need of Him. I prayed for Stephen’s salvation that day and am trusting that Jesus will take care of Stephen both here and in Heaven.  I am truly blessed by the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit.”


10 Blessings From Our First Fast:

1. Opportunity and boldness to share the Gospel with coworkers.
2. Excitement for God’s Word.
3. A better understanding of how God lovingly rebukes me.
4. Seeing God as way bigger than man (overcoming fear of man issues).
5. Recognizing that fearing God is good (a good Father will spank your butt).
6. Proximity to God many times can equal exposure of sin (we need to expect growing pains).
7. A greater understanding of repentance (when we confess our sins to others it breaks the power of fear and shame).
8. Thankfulness for a church that makes it safe to share sin and then helps me fight sin through the word and prayer.
9. Clarity that repentance is a gift from God and I must pray for others to receive this amazing gift.
10. Godly exhilaration leads to exhaustion (my wife will not let me sleep because she wants to talk about all the things God is teaching her).
By Jessica Boyter