Updates From the TCTN Twin Cities Regional Connection, March 13th, 2013

On Wednesday, March 13th, a total of 14 pastors from the Twin Cities Region of the Treasuring Christ Together Network gathered for worship, prayer, and encouragement.  Several of the pastors gave updates and prayer requests from their ministries.  Included here are some of the highlights from that event.  I list them here so that you might support these pastors in prayer as they are used by the Lord to build His church:

  • Wally Brath began the gathering with worship.
  • Devotions were then led by Paul Gilmore.
  • Wally led a training on worship and the local church.  This led to a good discussion regarding the particulars of Sunday morning worship as well as worship as a lifestyle.

After the training, the pastors broke into smaller groups for focused prayer and updates regarding their ministries.  Here are some highlights from a few of the pastors present:

  • Weyland Leach’s proposal for the church re-plant at Hayden Heights Baptist Church (HHBC) is now complete.  He will shortly be meeting with the elders of Bethlehem Baptist.  Pray for that meeting and for solidarity among the entire group of decision-makers.
  • Weyland said that there is shepherding going at HHBC.  He is in the process of planning a trajectory of health for the church, including a plan for elders to join him in shepherding the church in the future.  Pray for him and his family as this is a huge and time-consuming undertaking.
  • John Erickson from Jubilee brought encouraging news that the church has excelled in loving each other over the past few years.  He asked for continued prayer that leaders and disciplers would continue to rise up from among the ranks of the church.  There is a surplus of ministry to be done and more laborers are needed.
  • John said that the people are getting a regular diet of the word of God and that small groups are strong.  Pray this continues!

Much thanks be to the Lord, who is clearly building His church.  These men have been faithful. Let us hold them up in prayer.

By JD Hettema